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Plant-based Dining

At Illinois State University, we use the term “plant-based” to describe a variety of eating styles such as vegetarian, vegan, flexitarian, plant-forward, and everything in between. Event Management, Dining, and Hospitality (EMDH) provides the following tools to help make navigating our plant-based dining options an easy process.

NetNutrition is EMDH’s real-time menu website for the various dining locations across campus. Diners can use NetNutrition to find information on nutrition, ingredients, allergens, and more!

EMDH has a team of full-time dietitians to assist students who follow plant-based diets. Students can meet with a dietitian for a plant-based tour of a dining center and to discuss tips for optimizing their diet. 

NetNutrition Icons

vegetarianIndicates an item is vegetarian veganIndicates an item is vegan
Items and recipes with this icon do not include any meat or meat derivatives such as chicken stock, gelatin, and lard. Items and recipes with this icon do not include any meat, meat derivatives, or other animal-related products such as eggs, milk, honey, rennet, pepsin, animal lipase, l-cysteine, carmine, or shellac.
  Menu items that may have come in contact with animal products during preparation (ex: shared fryer oil or shared cooking surfaces) will not have a vegetarian or vegan icon. 

Inclusive options in the dining centers:

  • Vegetarian entrées are available during lunch and dinner at the Homestyle venues.
  • Black bean burgers and sweet potato quinoa burgers are available upon request at The Grill venues.
  • Check out the daily soup selection. At least one vegetarian soup is offered each day.
  • Non-dairy milk and non-dairy yogurt are available in the self-serve coolers.
  • Meatless pizza and pasta options are available every day at our Pizza and Pasta venues.
  • Salad bars offer a large selection of fresh greens, vegetables, fruits, hard-cooked eggs, beans, tofu, hummus, salad dressings, and more!
  • The Mongolian Grill at Linkins offers veggie and tofu stir fries daily. Students can request to have their stir fry prepared on a separate cooking surface to avoid cross-contact with animal products.
  • The Wok venue at Watterson Dining Commons features vegan entrées.
  • Students can customize plant-based entrees, burrito bowls, tacos, nachos, and quesadillas at the Toasted Tortilla venue in Watterson Dining Commons. 

Our weekly menus will help you easily identify these options. For additional assistance, you may contact our dietitian below.

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