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Healthy Eating

  • Fruit

    Fresh fruit is always available. You can carry out a piece of fruit as you leave the dining center and enjoy a healthy snack later in the day. Add fruit to yogurt.

  • Vegetables

    Visit the salad bar or select one of the steamed vegetables from our home-style venues. Add vegetables to your sandwich at the deli or the grill. Visit the Mongolian grill at Linkins to make a delicious stir fry loaded with fresh vegetables.

  • Grains

    Make half your grains whole by choosing whole grain bread and buns, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, and quinoa. Look for oatmeal or whole grain cereals at breakfast.

  • Protein

    Look for lean sources of protein. The chicken breasts at the grill are one of our most popular items. Lean meats are available at the deli and throughout the dining center.

  • Dairy

    Skim milk offers all of the calcium, protein and vitamin D found in 2% without the fat. Greek yogurt is always available. Low fat cottage cheese can be found at the salad bar.