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Food Access for Sick Students

If you're a student meal plan holder and feeling under the weather, here are your options for accessing food:

  1. Wear a high-quality mask to pick up meals. Limit the time you spend around others by picking up your carry-out meal from the dining center.

  2. Get a friend to pick up a meal and deliver it to your isolation space (individual must present the impacted student's ID upon checking into the dining center, sign in at the register, and use the carry-out option only). Only available at residential dining locations.

  3. Submit our sick tray form to receive a meal from one of our residential dining centers.

    • A meal will be delivered to the front desk of your residence hall. A dining employee will use the cell phone number listed on the form to notify you that your food has arrived. You can then have a friend pick it up or wear a mask to pick it up yourself.
    • Please note:
      1. This option excludes meal plan holders living in Cardinal Court, other University Housing apartments, and off-campus housing.
      2. Please allow 3 hours lead time when submitting your sick tray form for same-day delivery requests to allow our dining employees the necessary time to fulfill your request. Please note that same-day delivery requests must be received no later than 5 pm in order to receive food that same day.
      3. This is not a hot meal. An example meal can be seen on the sick tray form.